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Massage Therapist Superb!  With my 20 years experience as a massage therapist, I know great massage.  Karynn is outstanding.  What a treasure.  

~ John S., Vancouver, WA

I love my weekly massage appointments with Karynn. I have visited her since 2014 and she always gets at those problem spots. Karynn is not only a great masseuse but also a kind and caring person.  I would highly recommend her to anyone. 

~Janet S., Vancouver, WA

This last winter I had suffered a nagging shoulder energy that seemed to just want to hang on. Even though I was in physical therapy, the treatments were almost as painful as the strain. I had heard thru the grapevine from friends that Karynn had gone through the Reiki courses and figured that I had nothing to lose but a lot to gain if she could help me. 
I gave her a call and set up a appt. We talked about what the physical therapist had said regarding the shoulder, the variety of stretches and exercises they were having my do and what my pain management strategy had been up to that point, e.g., heat/ice, ibuprofen, etc as that's what I was really trying to do - reduce the nagging ache of it. After the initial consultation she did a Reiki session on my shoulder, by the next day the pain had noticeably decreased and more range of motion was evident. 
I would definitely recommend Karynn for Reiki treatments. Not only do I feel the results of the treatment she provided were worth 10 times the actual cost, but I also felt she had a great professional and relaxed demeanor and made the experience very agreeable.
~Rick C., Keizer, Oregon
Thank you so much, Karynn, for the work you did to help me heal from my auto accident! I cannot begin to tell you how much faster my shoulder and hip healed after each of our sessions. The relief from the pain and the increased range of motion were just what I needed.  You were a great supplement to the chiropractic work I was doing; you made a difference that other practitioners (with years of experience) were not able to achieve. Of course, your Swedish massages are delicious experiences and a treat--like a spa getaway; but your work specific to my injury has just been incredible for me.  Thank you! 
~Merilou H., Hillsboro, Oregon

Karynn is a fantastic massage therapist. She is the only one that I go back to and request by name. I even make the drive up from Portland to
see her! Karynn is extremely professional while providing a wonderful spa experience. She's been key in helping me rebound from a shoulder
, and is a great resource for maintaining self-care. Highest recommendation!

~Trish B., Portland, Oregon


"Karynn is exceedingly responsive to my needs, tailoring her skills to address areas where I tend to hold tension, and adjusting pressure as I ask. I’ve had many massages in my travels around the world, and Karynn ranks up there with the very best.”

 ~Laura C., Portland , Oregon


I have had the pleasure of receiving skillful and relaxing massages from Karynn on and off for the past 12 months.  Karynn is very adept at providing a safe, healing and nurturing experience.  She has helped shift some chronic issues I was experiencing and reduced the pain and injury.  I would highly recommend her massage services to anyone.  Thanks,

~Tony Maree T., Portland, OR



I feel so much better, I cannot thank you enough.  They released me from the hospital at 9am.  To their shock, they expected me to be there until 5 or 6pm.  The Reiki energy work helped so much with the pain that I did not have to take any pain meds until 1pm today.  Again thank you for your willingness to come down on such late notice to the hospital. 

~Cheyenne L., Vancouver, WA


I felt so comfortable and genuinely cared for on Karynn's table. Go, you'll love it!

~Robin R., San Diego, CA


I have been treated by Karynn with massage for the past 2 years at The Vancouver Clinic for muscle pain in my lower back, neck and face.  She is an outstanding provider with a lot of knowledge and has given me much relief with massage therapy and ligament release.  Ligament release has helped reduce my muscle tightness in my Masseter Muscle in my facial area which has been a chronic problem for years most likely caused by an anxiety disorder. As a result, I also have greater mobility in my neck and less pain in my shoulders.  I have appointments with her every week.  Karynn is a fantastic Massage Therapist, with a great personality and her patient care is paramount. 

~Michael K., Brush Prairie, WA

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