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I am dedicated to serving people on their holistic journey to better health and wellness through relaxing therapeutic massage and energetic healing.  I am a trusted professional with 7 years experience in deep tissue and relaxation massage techniques and have worked directly with people recovering from accidents and illnesses to professional athletes as well as people that are looking for a safe environment for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Having experienced injuries and chronic pain and the temporary masking of symptoms by using Western Medicine, I began searching for other ways to address symptoms and the chronic pain loop.  What I found in Massage Therapy, Reiki, Manual Ligament Therapy and Massage Cupping has helped me tremendously and it's these therapies that I wish to share with you to aid you on your journey to decreasing pain and reducing stress while achieving better health and wellness. 

My ideal clients are people that are open-minded, have a positive attitude and have integrity that are looking for a safe, tranquil environment in which to receive therapeutic work or just to relax.  If you like conversation during the massage, I enjoy deep, thought-provoking topics.  Otherwise, I can be as quiet as a mouse.  

I look forward to meeting you soon, 


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