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Manual Ligament Therapy

Manual Ligament Therapy

Manual Ligament Therapy is a medically tested manual therapy technique utilizing the sensory qualities of ligaments to correct muscular imbalance and dysfunction. MLT addresses the neurology to make muscle function better.  Utilizing muscle testing or myofascial length testing there is definitive proof that MLT works!  Even better it works gently!  MLT is used by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists treating the body from the inside instead of treating the body superficially.

Pathologies MLT will often resolve in a few sessions...

Whiplash - Headaches - Cervical Pain - TMJD - Rotator Cuff - Shoulder Pain - Thoracic Outlet Syndrome -

Elbow Pain - Carpal Tunnel - Frozen Shoulder - Low Back Pain - Sciatica - Hip Pain - Knee Pain - Foot Pain -

For additional information, check out www.manualligamenttherapy.com

Research studies have revealed that ligaments supply the brain with more proprioceptive information about the function of a joint than  muscles, tendons or bone, and are a significant source of acute, sub-acute and chronic pain / dysfunction.  MLT is the only known technique that recognizes this fact, while other therapies normally just address the muscles and tendons.  With this advantage, MLT is able to resolve both simple and difficult pathologies, quickly, with little or no discomfort to the recipient and very little effort on the part of the practitioner.

“The ligaments were considered, over several centuries, as the major restraints of the joints, keeping the associated bones in position and preventing instability, e.g. their separation from each other and/or mal-alignment.  This project, conducted over 25 years, presents the following hypothesis:

  1. 1) Ligaments are also major sensory organs, capable of monitoring relevant kinesthetic and proprioceptive data.

  2. 2)  Excitatory and inhibitory reflex arcs from sensory organs with the ligaments recruit / de-recruit the musculature to participate in maintaining joint stability as needed by the movement type performed.

  3. 3)  The synergy of the ligament and associated musculature allocates a prominent role for muscles in maintaining joint stability.”


  1. M.Solomonow, PhD. MD, (hon)Professor, Orthopedic Surgery Director, Bioengineering Director & Musculoskeletal Disorders Research Lab, University of Colorado, Denver

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