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New Year Kickstart Detox Program               Monday Jan 7th - Feb 4th, 2019

Presented by Superior Nutrition and Weight Loss 

RainDance Massage & Reiki

There are chemicals in our food supply, air we breathe and water we drink, it's no wonder so many are suffering with health problems and weight issues.

Our bodies must be maintained and kept “clean”. Our bodies are not designed to run on chemicals. The only way to get rid of chemicals is to detox from them so regular detoxification is a necessary step for total health and wellness.

This detox is perfect for you if you want to:
1.Lose Weight
2.Feel Better
3.Look Younger
4.Reduce inflammation from many illnesses
5.Maximize your potential
6.Gain mental clarity

The 28 Day Cleanse will be taking place in a closed Facebook Group Starting Monday January 7th – February 4th, 2019.

You will receive meal ideas, recipes as well as guidance and support by Ellen Gyberg, Medical Intuitive and Holistic Nutritionist from Superior Nutrition and Weight Loss.

You’ll also receive (4) customized massage sessions by Karynn MacKinnon, LMT, from RAINDANCE MASSAGE & REIKI located at 204 E. 25th Street Vancouver, WA 98663.

Massages will be customized to your needs and geared towards detoxing the body, removing inflammation and improving the look of cellulite prone areas. The massage will include dry brushing, vacuum cupping and a detox essential oil blend. 

Cost $360.00 per person.

Sign up with a buddy and receive $35.00 off per person 


Register by December 22nd and receive $25.00 off.

We accept payment in the form of credit cards, cash or checks.

Gift cards are available.

Call or text Ellen 360-601-0137 or Karynn 503-764-8660 for your FREE program consultation.

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